COVID 19 Related Facilitation Measures - ICD Tughlakabad Import, Delhi

Public Notice No. Trade Facilitation Measures Date of Issue View/Download
23/2020 Further amendment of Public Notice No. 10/2020 dates 26.03.2020-reg 05.05.2020 View/Download
22/2020 ICES Advisory 16/2020 - Streamlining of Certain Imports Processes in ICES-reg. 01.05.2020 View/Download
20/2020 Review of public notice 14/2020 dated 03-04-2020 regarding "Measures of facilitate trading during the lockdown period- Section 143AA of the custom ACT-Reg." 21.04.2020 View/Download
19/2020 ICES Advisory on pdf copies of eOOC and eGatepass - Reg. 15.04.2020 View/Download
18/2020 Paperles Customs- Electronics Communications of PDF Based Gatepass and ooc copy of bill of entry to customs to Brokers/Importers- Reg. 14.04.2020 View/Download
17/2020 Relaxation in the procedure for IN-Bonding of Cargo imported under Warehoused Bill of Entry. 10.04.2020 View/Download
16/2020 Procedure for assessment in cases of non-submission of Original Country of Origin Certificate. 10.04.2020 View/Download
- Letter to CB Association 08.04.2020 View/Download
Available On Delhi Customs Home Page List of consignments pending for filing of BE and clearance- uploaded on Delhi Customs website. 07.04.2020 -
15/2020 Procedure to be followed in cases of manufacturing or other operations undertaken in bonded warehouse under section 65 of Customs Act 1962. 07.04.2020 View/Download
- Email to Trade Bodies, Associations and Chambers regarding Customs facilitation during COVID-19 lockdown period. 06.04.2020 View/Download
14/2020 Measures to facilitate trade during the lockdown period section 143AA of the Custom Act 1962. 03.04.2020 View/Download
22/2020 Demurrage waiver by CONCOR at ICD Tughlakabad. 04.04.2020 View/Download
13/2020 Clearance of goods to SEZ facilitation during lockdown period in view of outbreak of covid-19. 01.04.2020 View/Download
- Appointment of Nodal officer for Zone. 31.03.2020 View/Download
- Letter by Chief Commissioner to Chief Secretary. 30.03.2020 View/Download
- Email to Importers, AEOs, CBs and other stakeholders regarding Customs facilitation during COVID-19 lockdown period. 30.03.2020 View/Download
12/2020 Print out of Final Bill of Entry– A Facilitation Measure During breakout of COVID-19. 28.03.2020 View/Download
11/2020 Request for Amendments and Waiver of Late Fee Charges in the Bills of Entry through e-mail procedure as facilitation during outbreak of COVID-19. 28.03.2020 View/Download
10/2020 Waiver of late fine for delayed filing of Bill of Entry. 26.03.2020 View/Download
07/2020 Strengthening of 24X7 clearance of Import Cargo to deal with surge of import in future, if any, after spread of corona virus is controlled. 24.02.2020 View/Download